The Brevity of This Life

I just heard some incredibly troubling news. A friend, and a coworker for ~5 years, has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has about four months to live. I won’t use his name because I do not have his permission, and I don’t have all the details.

This is hitting me incredibly hard.

He was the territory sales guy at my last company, and I was the sales engineer. This translates into the two of us spending LOADS of time together…flying to various cities, driving to/from our meetings, sharing meals, etc. When you spend THAT much time with a person, you can’t help but make a connection.

I’m going to write more about this at another time, I think. I can’t even organize my thoughts about this appropriately. He and his family are religious people, as am I, so I would ask that you pray. Pray that he has as little pain as possible. Pray that his wife and kids find peaceful moments in the midst of this mess. Pray that, when I talk to him, I can say the good things and not the stupid things.

This sucks. And cancer sucks even more.

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  1. Mark Jolley says:

    Hey Coy, thank you so much for the kind words and sharing a bit about our past teamwork and friendship through this awesome blog you do. This is really heartwarming and reminds me of so many great things about life. So yes I have terminal brain cancer…there, I said it out loud in this blog. But you know what? I am at complete peace with these facts right now. We (family) don’t like this one bit for sure, but this is the new assignment so we will indeed embrace God’s will at this point. We cried all our tears out already, so now we will dismiss the sadness and focus on the gladness for all blessings that we have.

    Look, this news for Kellie and I was just like a head on collision shocker, but the great news is we are able to walk away somewhat gracefully from the “crash”, we actually have time to take one step at a time over the coming months and embrace every little kindness that comes one day at a time. God is not asking us to deal with months of challenges all at once (that would be very heavy lifting), but he gives us a new sunrise each day, and we can handle things that come at us in smaller daily segments…so much easier to do, at least for me. I just love every day and am able to soak in all the little kindnesses from friends and neighbors. So much love to process.

    My wife is the perfect personification of the word kindness. I think its that part of her mother being manifest in her life, it’s how she was taught and raised in Montana as a young girl. I asked her about this character trait last month very candidly. I said, Kellie, how is it that you are SO kind to people, our children and our family all the time? You’re in default kindness mode always, it’s really remarkable to me, why are you that way? And without blinking she quickly said, Mark, is there any other way to be? And she meant it. My response was, no, there is no other way to be. And that was that. I married way over my head for sure, but I’ll take that good fortune and I love her for that honest goodness. Indeed a lesson for us all. Well that’s enough for tonight. I finished week 4 of radiation and chemo today, and I’m ready to sleep hard and get a good rest.

    Best regards, Mark

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